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Back in the late eighties and through the nineties Dave played bass in one of the best rock bands Manchester had ever produced. While most people thought the harsh, northern city was all about the Madchester phenomenon, the truth was that every genre of music was thriving, with the most incredible musicians playing in the city's numerous venues every night. It was, quite simply, a city over flowing with bands and musicians, as well as DJs in Moss Side and Hulme creating what would become known as house music.

After years of playing live, working in the studio and about to sign a deal with an international record company, fate stepped in while Dave was working as a photojournalist in Spain. In the blink of an eye he was lying at the side of the road, close to death with his right leg, left arm and hand smashed. Thankfully, after both the Spanish and then British medics worked miracles, no limbs were lost. Eight months of rehabilitation ended with Dave learning to walk again but the days of being a musician were over.

Fast forward almost twenty years and Dave's walking through London's famous Tin Pan Alley when he spots a saxophone shop. Looking at the instruments in the window it seemed that here was an instrument that perhaps, just perhaps, he could physically play. This serendipitous event changed everything. If he hadn't made a wrong turn while walking around the capitol, and then met a salesman who flatly refused to let him leave the shop until he'd had a go of a tenor sax, Dave would still be living in a musical wasteland.

Thankfully, and happily, Dave is back playing on stage, writing and recording, and exploring a whole new world of music. Jazz, blues, funk, rock - Dave's having the time of his life playing them all in his new home of Essex.

Oh yes, there's one last thing - what's all this V. Dave and Veggie Dave stuff about? That all dates back to the nineties (again) and a club of dirty bikers based in Stockport. It's a long story but basically the name was foisted upon him, which then stuck, and survived, for 25 years, whether Dave liked it or not. So if you ever see a magazine article, photographic image or even film crew member credited as Veggie Dave, now you know who he is.