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La Revenante (V. Dave) - As the world finds itself in lockdown and musicians can
no-longer play for an audience, all that was left to do was write a new song.

Beh-bur-Lei (V. Dave) -  I thought it would be fun to play with some old school sequencers
from the 1970s.

In The End (V. Dave / 80s Stallone) - Written specifically to have an 80's sound and feel. Based on 80s Stallone's
instantly recognisable riffs.

Pedale (V. Dave) - Another original electronic composition. As for its title, the song revolves around a single
note known as a pedal note. Or pedale in French.

The End (V. Dave) - A meloncholic ballad featuring just drums, bass and tenor sax.

Watermelon Mash (Herbie Hancock / V. Dave) - Watermelon Man is a jazz fusion classic.
This is not a version for people who respect Hancock, his song or jazz in general. 

Follow The Rabbit (V. Dave) - I thought it would be fun to try and write a
song where each chord change is also a key change. I think it worked quite well.